Sunday, May 18, 2014

Firework Quilt

Here's another quilt! This little guy is my Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry...I had planned to finish that rainbow quilt I've been meaning to make for my daughter...but no, instead I'm indulging this weeks obsession with wedges. Just go with it...sometimes I get an idea for a quilt and I just make it 'cause it's in my head...even when I have other quilts that should probably be done first! Remember I had this problem with circles? Yeah. But it all worked out in the end! :) 

So here's my firework! When I was a kid my dad used to take us to see the fireworks every 4th of July. We would park right next to the field where they shot the fireworks off so we would be right underneath them. They were LOUD and they were HUGE and I loved them! Good memories! So a few months back I was talking to one of my friends about summer quilts and she suggested I make a 4th of July quilt...I happened to be looking right at my Watermelon Wedge quilt while we were talking and I started picturing those wedges in red, white and blue and a firework popped in my head! So one thing led to another, and here we are! I mocked it up in Inkscape (as usual). I have decided I like seasonal and themed quilts in a table topper or wall hanging size so this quilt is 36" x 36". It is completely appliqued, so it was fast and easy! Have I mentioned how much I love applique? :) 

In my mind, I had pictured this in completely different fabrics. I really wanted some sparkly fabric. Or some super cute blue polka dots and red stripes or...something. But I couldn't find what I was picturing anywhere I looked. This is a struggle I often encounter when planning a quilt--I have a certain fabric in mind...but nobody sells it. I thought about just designing my own and printing it on Spoonflower, but I just don't have time for that right now! But I still wanted to make the I settled for these fabrics I found at Hawthorne Threads-- they are from the "Dreaming in Pearle" line by Timeless Treasures. They aren't fabrics I would have normally chosen, but they are kind of shimmery, so I went with it. 

I won't lie...when I finished the top, I wasn't in love. But then I quilted it...and it is true what they say...the quilting makes the quilt!! I used 2 layers of batting so the design would really pop and I quilted tiny pebbles with random swirls thrown in here and there. I thought of adding the stars right before I started quilting and they are my favorite part! I quilted straight lines in the wedges using glittery silver thread and though it is hard to see in the pictures, it looks pretty cool! I want the quilt to really sparkle, so I have plans to bedazzle this thing within an inch of its life! I bought some hot-fix crystals but decided to take a few pictures before adding them since I've heard the crystals don't photograph well.

I bound it in blue and now I can't wait to put it on my wall in a few weeks! :) 
Enjoy the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Screamin' deal on batting!

Warm and White batting TWIN size for $10.51!
I love a good deal and this one is too good not to share! I shop online a's easier. And often, it's cheaper too. Sorry, but my inner thrifty girl (and my bank account) can't afford a sense of loyalty to any this killer deal is at my favorite big box retailer that everyone loves to hate...Walmart.

It would never have occurred to me to buy batting here...but I came across it and did a double take on the price of the TWIN batting--I'm not sure how great the price is on the other sizes--twin is usually the size I buy and I have never seen it this cheap! And bonus...if you spend $50 the shipping is free too! And at this price, it's easy to buy 5! Or 10. Or...a year supply! So if your conscience allows you to take advantage of this kind of deal...hop on over to and get some before they change their minds and roll the price back up! Happy Friday! :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Little Watermelon Quilt

Watermelon quilts are here is another one! After I made the original Watermelon Wedge Quilt, I had no plans to EVER make the quilt again. Several people asked if I would make them one or if I was going to write a pattern for it...and I told them all the same thing: NOPE! (I hope you are all hearing Olaf's voice when I say NOPE!--we are a bit obsessed with the movie Frozen right now!) Anyway, the original quilt was a kind of a nightmare to piece--and it took way more time than I usually like to spend on one quilt! Of course it was worth it in the end...but I had no desire to ever make another one and could not imagine how I would make a pattern for such an obstinate quilt. But then one day a couple months ago I started really trying to think about how I could pattern it...and it finally occurred to me to just make it smaller! :) The larger size is fun, but seriously, I haven't been daring enough to use it as a picnic blanket yet, and it is hard to display the whole thing. The smaller one will be more useful for me I think!

So this little quilt is the same design as the original...just half the size and about three thousand times faster to make! And I figured as long as I was making it smaller, I might as well make it easier too...the angles on this make it very easy to mess up, so rather than pieced, this one is entirely appliqued using fusible web. I'm sure it could be made using other applique methods, but since fusible web is my go-to method, that's what I did. And while normally I might be concerned about the stiffness of the quilt using fusible web, with this one I don't think it is a big deal--since the size is perfect for decor. It makes a great table topper or wall hanging--and stiffness on those types of quilts isn't necessarily a bad thing!

I made this using fabric I had in my stash...since I collected fabrics for a watermelon quilt for almost 5 years, I had several to choose from! :) And I just can't help myself...that black Alexander Henry dot fabric is my favorite! I seem to use it every time I need a black accent! 

And for the back I finally got to use that Timeless Treasures watermelon rind fabric!! Haha! It's perfect!

And for the quilting...I agonized for days. I don't know why I make this so hard every time. I'm just too picky I guess! :) So I had planned to do something entirely different. I had the whole thing loaded on the quilting frame, had just put the baby down for a nap and was on my way downstairs to start quilting it when I passed the neglected pile of clean laundry. I stopped for a minute to fold some of it and in the process, came across one of my kitchen towels that had a raised square pattern. Inspiration! I guess there is a good reason to work before play sometimes! :) These spaced squares were easy too since I had already drawn a 2" grid on the quilt--I just stitched inside each grid square, 1/4 inch away from the lines. I love it!

And of course the good news is that finally everyone can have their own summery watermelon quilt because the pattern is done! You can get it HERE