Monday, May 14, 2012

Here's another pattern...

Oh yeah, and it's FREE! Happy Monday! (Get it here.)

Also, I found out that the girl who made the kaleidoscope quilt mine was based on recently started a blog. You can find Rebecca at She makes some seriously cute quilts...including this darling bear baby quilt...definitely check her out!!


  1. You ROCK! Thanks so much for sharing these. :)

  2. Thank you so much. I love , well all of them. :)

  3. Thank You so much!!!! I am definately going to make the kaleidoscope quilt.

  4. Awesome yet again!! Thanks for sharing it, I think I will have to whip one up in 30's. Off to MQS tomorrow for the rest of the week!!

  5. Could you please share what template or pattern you used to make your freebird wedge quilt? I love that quilt! Thanks in advance. You can absolutely e-mail me at if that is easier. For some reason I must not have my default set to send an e-mail directly!

  6. Oh, my GOSH! Don't know how I missed this. Must've been final exams week around here.

    Thank you so much. Have wanted to make this since the moment you first posted it. Possibly my favorite quilt ever.

    Many thanks, again! So generous of you to share your time and talent this way.

  7. Totally cool pattern, thanks for sharing

  8. Template pieces do not fit the fabric requirements. You cannot fit 4 A pieces and 4 C pieces on a Layer Cake square (10"x10") unless you're supposed to size down the pieces considerably 50%). You can get 3 of each A and C on a 10"sq but you will need to use 40 Layer Cake pieces instead of the suggested 30.
    Also, the B and D units do not fit the background fabric cutting requirements, unless you size them down quite a bit.

    1. Upon further investigation, I have found out that the pattern pieces were not sized right! The issue has been fixed! Be sure to test the print size by measuring the "B" template - it should be 5.5" from top to bottom. So sorry!