Sunday, June 26, 2011

Small Wall Quilt #1 --Circles

Here's the first of 4 small quilts I made for the wall in my quilting room. I have been wanting to make these little quilts for a long time, but could never decide on the patterns or fabric I wanted to use. Well I finally made up my mind. All 4 of the quilts are made from the same colors and fabrics (this is my foray into quilting in a series) and are very typical of my style right now. How could I not make a circle quilt? This one was done with fusible web applique on a single piece of white fabric and quilted it with simple circles. Fun fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kaeli's Bliss Lattice Quilt

Here's a quilt I made a little while ago when my cute little sister Kaeli came and stayed with me for a week. A couple months back she called me and said she wanted to come out for a visit. I had just gotten a jury summons, so I told Kaeli that I would pay for her flight if she watched my kiddos while I did my civic duty...(perfect, right? everybody wins)! So she came out, and in our county, you have to call the courthouse every day to see if you have to report the following day--well I totally lucked out because I didn't have to go in once--so we just played the whole time she was here! With all our extra free time we went shopping and got crafty painting these plates for the plate rack in my dining room. We also thought it would be fun to decorate my family we came up with this brilliant idea for the decor--but we couldn't find the fabric we had in mind. So we scrapped that plan and decided to make her a quilt instead.

I had a jelly roll of Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda that I may or may not have really been in love with--I was a little concerned how all these colors would look together. Kaeli was a fan though, so we looked online for some inspiration. She really liked this completely darling pillow by The Rebel Homemaker. So we whipped up a few options in EQ and this is what we ended up with. Since we had a jelly roll, and the pattern required squares, we decided to just cut the strips in half and sew them back together to make them wide enough. This is more apparent in some of the prints than others, but overall I don't think it is super obvious. Gotta use what you have!

We mostly worked on it at night when the kids were asleep...I sewed and Kaeli ironed and pinned and we busted this quilt out in about 4 days. And I must admit, that when it was done it was totally cute. (Kaeli, I'll say it one more time, cause I know you like to hear it...I was wrong to doubt you!)

Kaeli is a fan of red, so we put these awesome red dots on the back.

I quilted this one with a pantograph called "Bush Berries"-- it is darling and fast--which was good since I only had a few hours to quilt it! We bound it in a matching red print...I would have tried to con Kaeli into scrappy binding if time would have allowed, since there were a bunch of leftover scraps, but this works too.

Miss you cute Kaeli!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fix Your Quilting Related (and other) Pain

Got pain? Me too. I debated even writing this post, since usually I like to post finished quilts and projects here, but I figured what the heck. And then the post got so long...I made it its own page (here).

Meanwhile, I would rather be binding this:

Piecing this:

and quilting this:

but instead I am taking a break!

Happy Quilting and/or pain eliminating!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Isabella Stripey Quilt

Here's the stripey quilt I made from the leftovers I had from Audri's quilt. It seems like I always have tons of leftover fabric when I get done with a quilt --I often buy 1/2 yard or yard cuts of every print since I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with it when I buy it. In the past I had it in my head that if I made a quilt out of one bunch of fabrics, I couldn't use it again for another quilt--of course I would use a few of the individual fabrics in other quilts--but I couldn't use all the same fabrics together again. Where I got that crazy notion I am not sure, but as a result I have stacks and stacks of fabric that I just never use again. A couple months ago I decided that, going forward, I was going to try to use up as much of this leftover fabric as I could so I didn't have so many dust collectors cluttering up my stash!(I started this with these 2 Freebird quilts--here and here). Anyway, this little striped cutie used up almost all the Isabella I had left! Yes! My plan is working so far! (And now I can buy more fabric, since I have eliminated another stack!)

I am so in love with this fabric! (Most is Isabella by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake. The aqua dot is Michael Miller and the green tone on tone is from Hobby Lobby). The prints are so cute and periwinkle is probably my favorite color EVER (just ask my cute sisters what color their bridesmaid dresses were at my wedding--yep, periwinkle!) Anyway, I think a stripey quilt is a great way to show off the fabrics. Plus it took me about one day to make it. So fast! I really just want to keep it...but I am going to give it to my cute doctor who raced across town to be at Audri's delivery last year...she is having a baby girl here in a few days.

I quilted this with the Wall Flower pantograph--( just love that one)! I used the striped print for the backing and the large floral print for the binding. So so cute!

Just think, this could be a pile of fabric collecting dust in my stash instead of this darling quilt!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Audrina's Scrappy Baby Boxes Quilt

My sweet baby girl is one year old this week! How has it already been a year since she was born? In my usual fashion, it took me almost a year, but here is her baby quilt--done just in time for her first birthday!

I've had the fabric for this quilt picked out since before Audri was born. It is mostly Isabella by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake (with a few others thrown in). As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it was what I wanted...but I had to wait several months for it to actually come out so I could buy it. Meanwhile I was trying to figure out a cute pattern to use...I finally decided just to use the same pattern I used on the quilt I made for my niece (this striped baby boxes quilt). I liked it so much I decided to make it again, but I wanted it to be a little different, so scrappy boxes is what I ended up with.

Random quilts like this seem to take me a really long time...I got real friendly with my design took me forever to arrange the blocks how I wanted them. I am pretty happy with it, but in the future I will use more different prints for scrappy quilts to make it easier! For the quilting, I did a variation on the Wall Flower pantograph I used for my niece's quilt. The backing is periwinkle dots and the binding is scrappy. I made another stripey quilt using all the leftover fabric I had, but I'll have to post on it later since somehow I lost all the pictures I took of it!

Happy Birthday baby girl!